Athletes with the shortest tempers in pro sports

Sports are all about intense competition and passion. And while those aspects of the game are critical for success, sometimes emotions can get out of hand. The more passion an athlete has for his sport, the more energy and effort that is poured into his performance. When you place so many of the top athletes […]

The most charitable athletes across the sports world

More often than not, whenever we hear something about our favorite athletes away from their respective playing fields, it happens to be on the negative side of things. They’ve either been caught using prohibited substances, driving under the influence or something else incredibly reckless, or at times illegal. You know—the kind of stuff that makes […]

The best and heaviest athletes of all time

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Sometimes being bigger isn’t always better and it’s why we don’t see giants dominating every sport. Some huge athletes defy logic though, and these are the heaviest of all time. The best and heaviest athletes of all time William “The Refrigerator” Perry This football star was a […]

Sports that don’t require you to be in the best shape

The thing many people love about sport is not the athletic effort that goes into it, but the thrill of the competition and drama that goes with it. Not everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to fitness, but there are sports out there that don’t necessarily require its players to be […]

The ideal age to start playing sports

Most of the world’s top sports stars all started playing their respective sports from a really young age. They began developing their game from a young age, and it seems to be all they know. Is starting to play sports at such a young age ideal though? Development rates Children develop at different rates, both […]

Music and sports are a lot more connected than you think

Barely a workout goes by without turning up the volume on our headphones to get us through a tough session at the gym. We often feel as though we need music to get us through our sporting events, and some can’t leave the house for a run without their music. Sport and music share a […]

TV sports analysts are there to entertain more than to enlighten

Do you listen to TV sports analysts and wonder if they know what they’re talking about? You’ve been watching your favorite sport for years, and you think you could do a better job than the people who get paid to talk about it. Are they really there as experts, or is their role to entertain? […]