NBA legends that never won a ring

Not everyone can become an NBA champion, it took LeBron James nearly a decade to win his first ring and Michael Jordan only won one during his seventh season in the league. If you’re an NBA fan, you probably already know who is on this list. If you don’t follow basketball religiously, you’re in for a […]

Athletes with a real sense of humor

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, both physically and in terms of their personalities. While most are super focused on their tasks, some prefer to see the lighter side of things. Sport isn’t all business, and these athletes love messing with their teammates, competitors, or the press. They are the funniest athletes with the […]

How exactly was basketball invented?

Basketball is one of the most-loved sports in the world thanks to its end-to-end action. The game is non-stop and has created some of the biggest stars on the planet. Michael Jordan is a household name thanks to basketball, but if it hadn’t been created would he still have been a big star? If you’ve […]

Why we love watching the NCAA

Whether you love football, basketball, or any other major sport, the NCAA provides fans across the country with a great source of entertainment. Most professional athletes make their way through the college system on their way to the big leagues. It’s their way of proving their skills and talent to prospective pro teams, before taking […]

The worst NBA #1 draft picks of all time

Being picked first in the NBA draft is a huge honor and shows that your services are in demand. Straight out of college these players were expected to make their name in the NBA, but all struggled to perform in the big league. Not every player can be LeBron or Magic Johnson, and these players […]

Most promising NBA careers that ended early

When it comes to draft time, every NBA team looks forward to having the next big star on their hands. Sometimes the top picks turn into amazing players, like Allen Iverson or Shaquille O’Neal. Other times the players don’t live up to the hype. Then there is a third group of players, those who had […]

Sport psychologists’ secret tips for success on and off the court

When it comes to being successful in life, there are various factors that must come together in order to achieve desired results. It’s not enough to simply be talented. The competition is as fierce as it has ever been, and it’s often the little things that separate the great ones from the rest of the […]

Why Hasheem Thabeet is eyeing an NBA return – and why it might happen

The NBA has seen its fair share of flops over the years. Highly promoted prospects who come into the league at a very young age, only to find themselves on the streets a few years later wondering what happened. One reason for the high turnover rates are the relatively small roster sizes. Unlike in football, […]

The best college basketball programs of all time

College basketball is where the future stars of tomorrow go to learn how to make it in the NBA. There are some schools which have made a habit of turning their young stars into NBA legends. These colleges turn young stars into pros and bring the good times to their fans by getting to the […]

The rivalry between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird

Professional sports can invoke our tribal instincts, we think our team is better than the other team, and we aren’t afraid to let their fans know it. Think the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox or the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers. Sometimes rivalries become more personal, even in a team […]