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Body & Collagen Facial Treatment

A new autumn campaign, the Body & Collagen Facial Treatment Plan*, is now available until November 30th.
This campaign includes the following:
Body & Collagen Facial Treatment (110 min), 19,800 yen (tax included)
A collagen toner, serum and facial mask are used to moisturize your skin and improve skin elasticity.
Body treatment includes back, lower legs (front and back), neck, shoulders, upper chest, arms and head.
Facial treatment includes cleansing, oil massage, collagen facial mask, cleaning massage and polish.
This treatment also comes with a collagen eye mask to take with you for home care. It’s a perfect plan for those with dry skin or those looking to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
For reservations, please email here or call Beng Teng Spa at 0466-29-0690. Japanese flyer available here (PDF).

*No discounts can be applied for this campaign.
*Annual fee of 1,080 yen will be charged for the first-time users.
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