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Nagios XI 5.5 Release

The most powerful and trusted IT infrastructure monitoring solution on the market just got better with its newest update.
Nagios XI 5.5 includes new features and enhancements with a primary focus on security.
[*]Security Updates Include some of the most requested features such as two factor authentication, easy SSL, Secured Rapid Response URLs and more.
[*]New Scheduled Report Management View, manage, copy, and share scheduled reports.
[*]NagVis Updates Increased insight and physical visibility of your entire network.
[*]Automated Passive Check Provisioning Apply your own custom configurations and templates to unconfigured objects like never before.
[*]Quick & Easy Installation Faster set-up giving you more time to get to the task at hand.
[*]SNMP Trap Interface Allows for managing and viewing SNMP traps inside the web GUI.
[*]Restricted CCM Access for Users Allow your users advanced configuration access to the CCM on only the hosts/services they can see.
[*]And more!
More information on the benefits and features included in Nagios XI 5.5 and instructions on how to download the 60-day free trial can be found here.
If you have any questions or want to discuss a specific feature feel free to reach out to sales@nagios.com
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