Greatest MLB shortstops of all time

To play shortstop you need cat-like reactions, and the ball to stick to your glove like glue. It is one of the hardest positions in baseball to play as it’s where the majority of the batter’s shots tend to go, so you always need to be ready. These are the best players to ever look […]

TV sports analysts are there to entertain more than to enlighten

Do you listen to TV sports analysts and wonder if they know what they’re talking about? You’ve been watching your favorite sport for years, and you think you could do a better job than the people who get paid to talk about it. Are they really there as experts, or is their role to entertain? […]

Baseball isn’t boring – it’s a lifestyle

With almost everything we do in life, there is a certain element of culture at play. With golf, you think of country clubs. With basketball, you think of the streets. Football has an almost military quality to it. What about baseball? Peanuts and cracker jacks? Hot dogs in the bleachers? Star-Spangled banner? It seems that […]

How Derek Jeter wants to revolutionize sports writing

ADVERTISEMENT googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘ad_pos_sr-desktop-top’); }); Several years ago the Players’ Tribune was established to give athletes a louder voice in the media. Derek Jeter was at the center of its creation, partnering with Jaymee Messler to allow fans and the media to understand star athletes better. After years of successfully bringing hard-hitting sports stories to […]

The top five home run hitters of all time

ADVERTISEMENT googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘ad_pos_sr-desktop-top’); }); There is nothing more satisfying in baseball than hitting a home run. You literally hit the ball out of the park and guarantee yourself a free pass around all the bases, enjoying the applause of the fans in the process. It’s like scoring a touchdown from a hail mary pass […]